The Sneetch mostly resemble giant mice with a few humanoid features, such as opposable thumbs and the habit of standing on two legs. Despite this Sneetch still learn to travel on all fours as well, and will spend an equal amount of time on either two or four legs. Sneetch have grown up in the desert and live a very nomadic lifestyle. Because of this Sneetch are taught very early how to search for food and water in the most unlikely of places and are very adept at finding these resources. During the hottest part of the day Sneetch will burrow just below the surface of the sands where it is cooler. Many clans of Sneetch exist and they don’t always get along when they cross paths. This is actually very common and groups belonging to different clans who encounter one another will usually end up fighting.

The average height/length is 3’2".
The average weight is 70 lbs.
The average lifespan of a Sneetch is 40 years.



Longwhiskers of the Dunes
Longwhiskers of the Dunes travels the Sneetch lands to keep what peace he can between the clans. He set up a code of honor that has become ingrained in all Sneetch. This code of honor acts as a set of laws the Sneetch follow in their everyday lives, especially in battle. Although most Sneetch follow this code, called Path of Sands, there are some problem Sneetch that feel like they know better and attempt to do whatever they want. Longwhiskers is said to be able to listen to the sands and because of this he always manages to appear to maintain order. Sneetch that do not follow Path of Sands are asked by Longwhiskers to a duel. If they win, using whatever dirty tricks they want, then they are promised to become Longwhiskers himself and can then act however they wish. Should they lose, however, they are given a choice. Remain and follow Path of Sands or leave the sands forever. Many do actually choose to leave, never to be heard of again. Those who remain had better follow Path of Sands, least Longwhiskers appear once again. Should they lose a second time, he does not show mercy, he will slay the defeated and fill the corpse with sand so that their soul is trapped in the sands for all eternity. To this day Longwhiskers has never lost a duel. No one is sure how old Longwhiskers is and many believe him to have eternal life.

Orders and Organizations

Followers of Dodar Ursdar
The Followers of Dodar Ursdar can be found within any clan anywhere in Sneetch lands. They are highly respected for their wisdom. Many Sneetch know nothing of Dodar Ursdar, however. The Followers seem very secretive to the other Sneetch. This is because they only share their knowledge with those that are interested in learning it. Most Sneetch just ignore the Followers.

Adventurer’s Guild
The Adventurer’s Guild was created by Longwhiskers himself. Their job is pretty much to wander the lands and assist the different clans and peoples with whatever help they need. They align themselves to Longwhiskers only, but will help clans in battles on occasion. They are very skilled fighters. During a battle most Sneetch that notice a decorated tail of one of the Adventurers coming against them will either perform an “honorable” surrender or rally with several others to defeat the Adventurer. Unlike Longwhiskers the Adventurers have actually been known to lose battles, making this second strategy actually feasible. Although this can result in the death of the Adventurer it saves many more of the other Sneetch and thus the death is an honorable one.


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