A race of Glitterdust Rockmen. They are the epitome of strength and have stood the test of time. Often times known as the Shimmering Soldiers, the Ermeyers’ standing army is matched by no one. Their bodies look to be made of galena with mercury running through their veins. Their bodies seem to be 75% air, however, making them much lighter than they would appear to be.

The average male is 3’8" tall and weighs 205 lbs.
The average female is 4’7" tall and weighs 129 lbs.
The average lifespan of an Ermeyer is 130 years.



The Ermeyer government is a Theocracy which is lead by The High Priest of the Glitterdust. Just beneath the High Priest are the Seven Priests of the Council. Each of these are individually responsible for a smaller portion of the domain in addition to giving council to the High Priest. Then, each city, town, or settlement has a Leading Priest that is directly in charge of that municipal. In the largest cities each Leading Priest will have multiple Low Priests to aid him or her.

In recent years the Ermeyers have been expanding east past the Terock mountain range. Although still part of the Ermeyer domain these cities and settlements aren’t quite as heavily governed. Furthermore, despite the domain being ruled by priests from the Sect of Rirdas Murjag no religious persecution has seemed to crop up.


The High Priest of the Glitterdust
The High Priest of the Glitterdust is the primary leader of the Ermeyer. The High Priest is usually female but the current High Priest, Rirdas Mecham d’Qor, is male. The High Priest leads the whole of the Ermeyer people in all sorts of matters having a set of laws “passed down” from the god of creation and civilization, Rirdas Murjag. Although the High Priest usually keeps separate from matters of war, he has been known to step in when matters needed it.

Master & Commander
Master & Commander was a position that was created by High Priest Rirdas Veela IV d’Vee who saw a future need for armies to be raised. She believed that The High Priest of the Glitterdust should be seperate from matters of killing. Ever since then there has always been a Master & Commander. Usually a male, Master & Commander is the leader of all Ermeyer military. Supposedly an approved position by the god of battles and valor, Nen Towot, Master & Commander makes sure that outside forces do not invade Ermeyer lands.

In recent years, however, Master & Commander has been seen to become complacent, indirectly forcing even The High Priest of the Glitterdust to become involved. It looks like the newest Master & Commander, though, will be a lot more active. Especially with the Patho Ursa – Sethian Empire raising armies just next door.

Hidden Stone
The post of Hidden Stone is a fairly new one. Not much is known about this individual except that it was created by The High Priest of the Glitterdust shortly before the Sethian march on Roy’s Pass. The Hidden Stone is supposedly in charge of Ermeyer special forces and intelligence. Further rumors speculate that Hidden Stone even created the Claymen race which seems to be a brand new race since there are no records of them two generations back.

Orders and Organizations

Sect of Rirdas Murjag
Lead by The High Priest of the Glitterdust, the Sect of Rirdas Murjag is the largest organization in Ermeyer territory, being both the largest religious order and the government.

Airship League
Almost as old as the Sect of Rirdas Murjag, the Airship League keeps track of and regulates all airship travel within Ermeyer territory. Ownership of an airship within Ermeyer territory must be registered with the Airship League and membership is required for any looking to do business with their airship. Other than being able to conduct airship business within Ermeyer territory, membership within the league includes insurance on the ship should anything happen to it.

Furthermore, the Airship League serves as the primary trading partner of the Corgi, among Ermeyer territory. Although membership within the league isn’t required to conduct airship business with the Corgi, trade tax for those not in the league is much higher than that of members.

Finally, the Airship League has a separate division, mainly used by the government, for exploration and warfare.

Nen Towot’s Sect
Sometime after the creation of the Airship League the god of battles and valor became really popular and a sect rose for Nen Towot. In recent times the sect has grown much larger due to the sudden raising of armies and new soldiers.

Peace Corp Embassy
When Doctor Who of the Elves invited the Ermeyer to join the Peace Corp, the High Priest of the Glitterdust got a good look at them and decided the organization was a good idea. After a bit of consideration, she decided to let the Ermeyer join. The embassy is located in Rocktopia.

Lightning Wielders
Created not too long ago, the order of Lightning Wielders was made after the lightning storms across the Terock mountain range began. It is believed that the storms were created by Cilmion, the god of death. Regardless of how it came about the Lightning Wielders are trained in attracting lightning and redirection of it so as to keep others safe from the constant storms. The main school for the order is located in Roy’s Pass, the highest city in the territories. Lightning Wielders are so useful that modern-day airships each hire at least two, with bigger ships sometimes known to hire up to ten, so as to allow for them to pass through the storms safely. The order is run completely by the government, but this doesn’t stop them from charging large tuition fees.



The capital city of the Ermeyer theocracy and is the largest city in Ermeyer territory, as well as one of the largest cities in the world and is sometimes known as the Airship Capital of the World. Located just a few miles from the Great Geyser, Rocktopia contains the first shrine to Rirdas Murjag, the Airship League’s headquarters, and the Peace Corp Embassy. Due to its proximity to the Great Geyser the Airship League was able to quickly grow to what it is today. Many travelers make their way to Rocktopia to see the Great Geyser Palace which hovers above the very edge of the Great Geyser. Rocktopia is split into 5 sections: Airship League Headquarters, Main City, Elite City, Undercity,and Great Geyser Palace. Although the Great Geyser Palace is technically outside city limits it is still considered a section of the city.

Airship League Headquarters
The Airship League Headquarters is very large and isn’t just a building. This is where just about all of the airship garages are located. Some are very small only able to contain 1 ship, whereas some, like military garages, are large enough to house 20 – 30 ships a piece. In addition to all the garages the Airship League has an actual headquarters building where they keep all of their records as well as being a garage itself for purposes of creating newer and better airships. This city section also contains a merchant district. This is where most of the Corgi traders can be found since most of the trade with them is due to the Airship League. There are actually more Corgi traders in this district than Ermeyer traders. This upsets a big Ermeyer minority who believe that more space should be granted to fellow Ermeyer than to Corgis. The Airship League Master Officials believe differently, however, deciding that fairness to every race should be granted instead of fairness to just Ermeyers. This belief in the league is further propelled by the fact that many Corgi are members of the league as well, although at this time no Corgi is a league Master Official. The Airship League Headquarters section has grown recently to include housing for the recently created Rocktopian Navy.

Main City
The Main City is the largest section of Rocktopia, containing around 3 million inhabitants. Containing a merchant district of its own, as well as schools and Rocktopia’s main entertainment district, many of the residents have never even left the Main City, having lived their entire lives inside the section boundaries.

Elite City
Those who manage to make their homes in the Elite city are, obviously, the elite members of Ermeyer society. These are mostly priests, wealthy merchants, and government officials, although children that grow up in the Elite City generally remain as adults either becoming “successful” themselves or living off of their parent’s money and status. The Elite City also houses the standing armies of Rocktopia.

The Undercity is the second largest section of Rocktopia, as far as population is concerned, “housing” approximately 2 million inhabitants. The Undercity is located on the eastern edge of Rocktopia just next to the Main City. This is where all of the shadier people of Rocktopia are located. Within is Rocktopia’s red-light district which also serves as the shadier entertainment district. Recently, Master and Commander has been pushing the police and army to better regulate the Undercity in an attempt to get rid of all the riff-raff and make the whole area a much nicer place, but local mobs and gangsters have held their ground managing to “maintain” their territory. Despite their best efforts, however, Master and Commander’s push has had an impact and it seems that the Undercity is slowly disappearing.

Great Geyser Palace
The Airship League runs constant ferries from the surface to the palace, both for travelers as well as for Rocktopian natives. The palace consists of six grand floors. The basement of the palace is where all of the mechanical aspects that keep the palace hovering is located. Although the main source of the palace’s lift is due to eruptions from the Great Geyser the Airship League has implemented other methods for keeping the palace afloat. The first floor is split into two sections. The first section is the landing bay which is large enough to hold up to 10 ferries at one time. The second section is a giant flea market where numerous merchants have setup shop for the day. It is a maze to traverse through all the stands and many people have reported that they have gotten lost before. The next floor contains shrines to multiple different deities, although Nen Towot’s shrine covers just over half of the floor. The third floor, and final public floor, is dedicated solely to Rirdas Murjag. The fourth floor is where the Ermeyer government does most of its work. The fifth floor is the residence of The High Priest of the Glitterdust. Despite the fifth floor being the smallest in the palace it is still larger than half of the first floor. In recent years several smaller airship garages have been built and are located around the vicinity of the palace. These garages hold a few airships for intersecting any airship that comes too close to the palace unauthorized.


Located near the western edge of the geyser fields, Glir began as an outpost for Ermeyer expansion in the west. Most Ermeyer are used to the constant geysers and once they went beyond the geyser fields they couldn’t find it in themselves to push on. Having lost any drive to continue they would decide to settle in Glir. Soon this small outpost grew into a city and, although many would stop here, many still maintained the urge to go settle new lands, despite the lack of geysers, keeping Glir commerce strong.

Furthermore, just a few miles from the outskirts of the city begins the great wall of fire. No one knows what keeps the fire going, but many make use of it, especially cooks and blacksmiths, with many shops being located just outside the city right up near the giant barrier.


Founded by the High Priest, Seastone was created as the first Ermeyer port city. Being the only port city it quickly grew into a great city. It grew even faster than Glir did and continues to grow to this day. Currently, hundreds of ships enter and leave the port every single day.


Rockpoint was founded by the High Priest for the sole purpose of trading with the Corgi. The city’s close proximity to the great city of Suncoast makes for great trade. Rockpoint is also the first city of the Ermeyer’s that is beyond the lands of the geysers.

The main export of Rockpoint is the raw ores and minerals found in the nearby mountain range. Much of the materials return to Rocktopia, Glir, or Seastone, but they also use the materials to create goods which are then sold to Suncoast.


The first city created past the Eastern Mountains, Glittershore was founded on the Vea River. It wasn’t long before ships would pour into the port day and night. The city, being right next to the mountains as well, manages to mine lots of minerals and ores and can then ship all of the supplies out very easily.

Roy’s Pass

Named after the Ermeyer who found it, Yarmeh Aroyganus d’Opi, Roy’s Pass is the highest point in Ermeyer Territory. The city grew quickly with the need to cross the mountains easily. When the lightning storms began many citizens fled the city for fear of their lives. Soon, however, the order of the Lightning Wielders was created and many brave Ermeyer Lightning Wielders accept the challenge of controlling the lightning. With the main school located in the city the population exploded with many hopefuls, and in many cases their whole family with them, moving to Roy’s Pass for a chance to learn the secrets of the Lightning Wielders.


Riverwood is currently the city farthest east in Ermeyer territory. Like Glittershore it was founded on a river. Unlike Glittershore, however, it is further inland and not next to a mountain range. Because of this Riverwood does not get nearly as much trade. Although it had a great growth spurt at first due to the success of Glittershore, in recent years the population has begun to decrease.


It is said that the world was once empty, devoid of any life and covered by nothing but wasteland. Then came the gods. It is believed that Rirdas Murjag was the first god and began shaping the land. After some time Rirdas Murjag decided to let some of his fellows shape some land as well. At once they began to create land, but many of them had warped ideals competitiveness to impress Rirdas Murjag with their abilities soon appeared. They would create enormous mountains or lakes and some of them would then go and create more that were even larger to prove some point. Rirdas Murjag didn’t care much for the land that his fellows had created, but he accepted that he had allowed them to shape the land as they pleased.

Soon, however, his fellow gods grew tired of their shaping and began creating sentients to populate the land. But some of the gods were cruel and had seemingly placed the created races among very inhospitable lands solely for their own amusement. Ancient carvings and art found among the bridge verifies this, although old stories passed down through countless generations of Elves also certify that some of the gods were kindhearted and not prone to such fancies. It seems that during this time Rirdas Murjag even took a break from the shaping of the land as well. The carvings and art found among the bridge that was show that a god took pity on the race and began helping them grow and prosper. It is believed that Rirdas Murjag was this god and only took a break from the shaping of the land, not due to boredom, but in an attempt to help the ill-placed race. In this time there only remained one god that continued to shape the land, and that was Yem Lysar the god of patience and trade. One by one the gods slowly return to the hard work of shaping the land, preparing it for the rush of sentients that would soon be created.

As if by agreement it had been decided that the land was ready for more life. The gods began creating many races. The Elves speak of new cousins appearing during this time in the nearby swamps and snow-lands. It was during this time that the blessed Ermeyer were created. Since the beginning of our time on Fronos Rirdas Murjag has wanted our people to spread across this land. Thus, with his blessing, we began to expand and settle the lands around us. To assist us in this task Rirdas Murjag guided our blessed researchers in discovering new ways of travel. In those times study of transportation was very important. It was in those times that the Airship League was created.

After the founding of Glir and the quick ability with which we could expand Rirdas Murjag decided that to speak to numerous different leaders was time consuming and difficult for everyone. For this reason he created, like our ancient ancestors before her, the first High Priest of the Glitterdust, Rirdas Mimdescia d’Mur.


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