A Race of pure crystal. Greatly ranging in color they are said to be the best farseers and divination experts.

The average male is 8’3" tall and weighs 1205 lbs.
The average female is 7’7" tall and weighs 929 lbs.
The average lifespan of an Tryclas is 200 years.


The Tryclas kingdom stretches across the south eastern peninsula of Fronos and houses its grand cities.

Crystal Caverns
Deemed as the holy land by the Great Scryer and rumored birthplace of the Tryclas. Its society is filled with mystery and magic. This is the home of Scrying magic and the art of Forseeing. It is also where most new Tryclas are “born” and where they spend their early years gaining knowledge of the world and understanding their purpose.

Also known by travelers as the Lolipop Guild, due to its major export, Ecksur is the capital city of the Tryclas. Here is the home of the Merchant’s Guild and the lesser-known Thieves’ Guild. It is the inlet for the world into the workings of the Tryclas. The city is laid out much in the fashion of an overly large Bazaar, with hundreds of small shops and restaurants (for travelers) along the outer ring of the city, Housing and Inn’s in the inner circle, and the Pride of the city, A Mountain sized Lolipop structure that acts as the central location for commerce and politics within the city. Also rumored to live somewhere inside the enormous structure is the Thief Lord.

Larger than either Crystal Caverns or Ecksur, Muddfell was founded around the base of an active volcano. While the Tryclas aren’t quite sure why, it is well known that the mud, constantly boiling in the volcano, is a miraculous healing agent and wonderful building material. The population is mostly Lesser Golems that are used for labor, the Tryclas have an outstanding presence.


Great Golem
Great Scryer
Thief Lord


The Tryclas use an advanced form of photosynthesis wherein they absorb energy from light, store it in their bodies, and harness it to move. This light can be anything from a spark of a campfire, and the fire itself, to the intense rays of the sun. The amount of energy absorbed is directly proportional to the intensity of the light. Ergo, it’s easier for them to generate energy in full sunlight than on a cloudy day with ambient light.

Orders and Organizations

Nen Towot’s Sect
Heralded as the Great Sculptor who carved the Tryclas out of the Crystal Caverns themselves and formed their first great city. He taught them how to shape their kin and create new life.

Peace Corp Embassy
When Doctor Who of the Elves invited the Tryclas to join the Peace Corp, the Great Scryer got a good look at them and decided the organization was a good idea. After a bit of consideration, he decided to let the Tryclas join. The embassy is located in Crystal Caverns.

Thieves’ Guild
Lead by the Thief Lord the Thieves’ Guild is well known but nothing about its members is. It’s an underground organization on the outside, but has a huge swing on political affairs of other races. Members of the Thieves’ Guild are often hired because of their ability to scry and find things that are not easily found. Such things include jewelry, deeds, political agendas, messengers carrying important information…

Merchant’s Guild
The Merchant’s Guild is also lead by the Thief Lord and used as a front for most of the Thieves’ Guild’s deeds. Anything can be bought or sold in the capital city of Ecksur.


It is said that the world was once empty, devoid of any life and covered by nothing but wasteland. Then came Nen Towot, heralded as the great sculptor. He saw a land devoid of anything but sand. He looked out upon this land and decided that it needed more. Soon he and the other gods carved great scars into the surface of Fronos and filled them with water to bring life to the world. Nen Towot parted the clouds in the sky and raised great tracts of land higher and higher so that whomever stood upon their peaks could look out over all of his creation.

Soon came the time to fill this newly shaped world with life. And, such as the setting of the sun, the sculpting of the world slowed to all but a stand still. Nen Towot was silent for a long while. And as he stared at the stone he had made he deemed it unworthy of the life he was about to create. Using his vast strength he cast down a cleansing flame upon the land and molded the first clear stone. Pleased with his work he continued to create the place now known as the Crystal Caverns. The birthplace of the Tryclas… When he saw the beauty of his creation, only then did he deem it worthy for new life. Nen Towot reached into the heavens and pulled a spark of life from the sun, placing it gently on the crystal he pressed it inside and called forth the first of our kind. He bestowed upon him the name of Urrrthinborn, and made him to know of his creation. Soon after Nen Towot created another, and another. All of whom were of different colors and with different thoughts and minds. To them Nen Towot gave the gift of life and bestowed upon them the knowledge of creation and how to breathe life into the stone.


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