Classes can be thought of as the basic foundation for what your character can do. There are four basic class archetypes: hunter, scholar, sneak, and warrior. From these four archetypes stem every class. There are basic classes such as thieves and fighters, and advanced classes such as druids and spies. Each character will choose an archetype and then become the starting class associated with that archetype.

The Hunter represents the rural classes that like to spend time outdoors and away from people.
Examples include: Rangers, Druids, and Shamans.
Starting Class: Explorer

The Psionic represents the classes that possess the inherent abilities to manipulate the world with their minds.
Examples include: Initiates(?), ?, and ?.
Starting Class: Initiate(?)

The Scholar represents the classes that spend more time indoors than not and are usually found in settlements and cities.
Examples include: Magus, Priests, and Monks.
Starting Class: Student

The Sneak represents the classes that are definitely found in large cities and usually on the wrong side of the law.
Examples include: Thieves, Tricksters, and Spies.
Starting Class: Rogue

The Vendor represents the classes that specialize in creating objects out of raw materials and are found pretty much anywhere there are people.
Examples include: Medics, Smiths, and Traders
Starting Class: Journeyman (or Tradesman)

The Warrior represents the classes that have ties to combat and are found pretty much anywhere.
Examples include: Knights, Soldiers, and Barbarians.
Starting Class: Fighter

Class Trees


Explorer → Pathfinder → Trailblazer → Wayfinder
Explorer + Fighter: Ranger
Explorer + Journeyman: Ship-man
Explorer + Rogue: Bard
Explorer + Acolyte: Druid → Beast Master
Ranger + Druid: Games-man
Druid + Barbarian: Shaman → Witch Doctor
Pathfinder + Merchant: Guide




Student → Caster/Acolyte
Caster → Magus → Archmagus
Acolyte → Priest/Monk → High Priest/Asura’s Fist
Caster + Trickster: Illusionist
Caster + Merchant: Rune-smith → Enchanter
Magus + Beast Master: Summoner
Magus + Blood Seeker: Blood Mage
Enchanter + Priest: Spirit Forger


Rogue → Thief/Con-man(?) → Infiltrator → Spy
Rogue + Student: Trickster
Rogue + Fighter: Bandit → Gangster
Thief + Ship-man: Pirate
Thief + Trader: Gambler
Pirate + Barbarian: Swashbuckler
Pirate + Captain: Dread Pirate
Pirate + Soldier: Corsair
Infiltrator + Artisan: Locksmith → Trap Master
Infiltrator + Mercenary: Assassin
Infiltrator + Monk: Ninja


Journeyman → Merchant → Artisan/Trader
Artisan → (Armorer/Weapon Smith) (could be combined as Blacksmith?)/Engineer
Trader → Guild Master
Artisan + Witch Doctor: Brewer → Potion Master(?)
Trader + Ship-man: Captain


Fighter → Soldier/Barbarian
Soldier → Commander/Knight
Barbarian → Blood Seeker/Slayer
Commander → General
Fighter + Merchant: Mercenary
Soldier + Ranger: Scout
Soldier + Infiltrator(?): Commando
Knight + Acolyte: Crusader(Paladin?)
Slayer + Pathfinder: Hunter


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